How did I unblocked my fallopian tube naturally at home?

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On July 2nd, 2016 I stood in disbelief staring at two pink lines one darker than the other. The second line on my pregnancy test was so faint if I turned it a certain way you could have sworn it disappeared. I said to myself this has to be wrong, maybe it was a watermark or a figment of my imagination. I had taken over 5 pregnancy test in my life and I had never seen TWO lines. I obsessed over the test, I carried it around in my purse for two days. I didn’t tell anyone about the results not even my boyfriend. I had only been a couple days late on my period but I had a gut feeling that I could not shake. By this time I had slowed down on my holistic fertility treatment routine as I call it. For almost 8 months I followed it religiously without missing a day. At this point I was considering scheduling the laparoscopic surgery to open my fallopian tube for the upcoming December if I did not become pregnant before then. The last thing I was expecting was to be expecting. Up until this point I had invested time, energy and money into finding a holistic fertility treatment for myself. All of my research, trails and errors had finally paid off. Did I really successfully unblock my fallopian tube without having the surgery that the fertility doctor had suggested for me? YES! It worked.

The Research:

After I had the HSG test and was suggested to have laparoscopic surgery to unblock the fallopian tube, I was fearful because there was an increased chance of causing further damage or even worse losing the entire fallopian tube.  I felt unsure and pondered on whether there were other options out there for me to consider. I preferred something holistic, herbal and non-invasive. I did my fair share of research people. I mean I went to the library and rented fertility books, I used the Internet searching for hours reading tons of articles, blogs and watching vlogs. But ultimately the most valuable gem of knowledge I found came from YouTube…YOU TUBE (Soulja boy voice) lol. Yes I typed in what I was looking for in Google and I found this video of a girl who was going through the same thing as me (not as uncommon as I thought). The video was kind of long about 30 minutes but I watched it until the end. I learned a lot and realized this “holistic home fertility treatment” was going to require some preparation, dedication and faith. I will discuss all of the herbs and vitamins I used from the video I watched.

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Serrapeptaste is an enzyme that comes from the intestines of a silkworm. This enzyme helps silkworms to dissolve their cocoons. So in the human body many people use Serrapeptaste to treat different conditions involving scar tissue and inflammation. The enzyme helps your body dissolve the scar tissue and gets rid of it.    I ordered mine from Amazon and GNC. I took it as directed once a day for the first two months and then I increased to taking three times a day once I saw my body could handle it with no side effects. I took it for about 7 months straight.

Castor Oil Pack

Everything I used for my Castor Oil Pack

Castor Oil has a long history of medicinal uses and has been used as a holistic treatment because of its ability to promote healing, reduce inflamation and improve circulation especially lymphatic circulation. I used a flannel cloth soaked in castor oil and placed it on my lower abdomen then I covered it with a plastic wrap. I added heat to the top with a hot water bottle and left on for about 45 minutes. After I was done I stored the castor oil soaked flannel in a covered container so that I could reuse it. I did this about 2 to 3 times a week for 7 months as well.

Chinese Tea

I created and drank a Chinese tea using the herbs YI MU CAO (MOTHERWORT) and Xi Xian Cao (Siegesbeckia). In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) these herbs have been used for many years to treat infertility.  They have been proven to stimulate the uterus, relive period pain and regulate menstrual. I bought the tea loose leaf from a Chinese pharmacy on 40th and Payne in Cleveland also known as the Asian Plaza. The taste of the tea was not favorable.  It was extremely bitter and I refused to add anything extra in fear that it would take away from its potency. I would drink it daily and over time it went down a little easier. I drank the tea for a month.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai root is commonly used in TCM and is known for its balancing effect on the female hormonal system. I chose to take mine in a pill form and I purchased them from GNC. I used as directed and took two capsules three times a day for 7 months.

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So I did not have any side effects from any of these vitamins or herbs. Please let me know your experience with trying any of these treatments and how did they work for you?

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  1. Linda needom says:

    Just finished read beautiful I enjoy this so much

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Prissy says:

    I find this interesting. I wish I would have seen something like this when I was trying to get pregnant with my youngest after my losses


    1. mariejenn says:

      Thank you I am glad your enjoying I just want to share my story in hopes to encourage other women.


  3. Prentess says:

    Interesting… I am sorry you had to go through all of this..but very happy to have D2… what a blessing!


    1. mariejenn says:

      Yes he is and this is my story to share so I can help other women and educate them on other remedies to get pregnant


  4. Frances says:

    Hi there, please the serrapeptase, Dong quai, mother’s wort n co., can I take them also as my left tube has been diagnosed as hydrosalpinx and right tube perfect.? Will the fertility massage help bring out the fluids (hydrosalpinx) from my left tube and the above supplements help melt whatever is there cos I conceive on my left tube the last time 😪 I don’t know why I am unable to conceive on the right after been told it’s perfect and am ovulating regularly ☹️ . I am so sad at the moment.. like what’s going on inside me and with my life. Please reply


    1. mariejenn says:

      Hello Frances I am so sorry to hear that yes all the supplements are herbal and safe to take together. The serrapeptaste can remove any scar tissue that may be causing the blockage in the tubes which could be contributing to fluid build up. Did you have the HSG performed? This all should help improve your fertility and once you find a massage therapist who specializes in the fertility massage be sure to tell them about your diagnosis and ask if they think it would help. I think it should because again it will break up any adhesions and make sure your uterus is aligned for conception. It is very important for your whole body to be healthy in order to conceive and for some of us it just takes a lot more care and work. Please let me know how it goes once you begin your vitamins. Good luck on your journey.


      1. Frances says:

        Yes, I did HSG twice. My tubes were blocked after a myomectomy operation.. I did HSG then hydrotubation… and another Hsg after the previous one. Hubby is suggested today I should go for IVF, I guess he is becoming tired; he’s the only son and I understand the feeling. Also, I think I am unlucky, a failure and I hate myself. I hate myself for making him go through all ths stress and money spending.. he probably should have married a fertile woman 😞😞


      2. mariejenn says:

        Oh no don’t ever say that about yourself! You are a strong amazing woman and you will get pregnant. Please stay positive and speak your pregnancy into existence it will happen for you. Please try some of these methods for a couple months before spending thousands on IVF. I believe they are worth a shot if you have never tried. I believe in you. Check out this website I have affiliated with she has some great products that I recommend you trying


  5. Frances says:

    Okay, thank you so much. Your blog and words encourages me. Yes, I am a strong woman. I will conquer and also become a mother to beautiful kids soonest. Amen 🙏🏻.

    Thank you so much dear ❤️


    1. mariejenn says:

      Yes that is the spirit! You are so welcome I have been in your shoes before and this is why I began my blog so I am happy to help you. Baby sprinkles and good luck to you!


  6. katherineweiss says:

    This is incredible! And there certainly is something to herbal treatments! This is so amazing that you were able to do this at home instead of risky and expensive surgery.


    1. mariejenn says:

      Thank you yes I always prefer to try herbal remedies because they tend to have less risk involved.


  7. Shibani says:

    I always find it interesting that doctors don’t explore these other alternatives from eastern medicine.


    1. mariejenn says:

      Right I believe it’s because it is not always in their best interest to do so because of the incentives they receive through surgeries and other medical treatments.


  8. Kate says:

    Very interesting!


  9. Bonie says:

    Hello… I am in South Africa and I would like to know if I order the natural herbs here how would I get them… Last week I was diagnosed with Hydrosalpinx and I don’t want to lose hope on falling pregnant naturally as I won’t afford IVF…

    Also I’d like to know… Can’t I drink the Caster oil instead?


    1. mariejenn says:

      Hi Bonnie I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis I hope my story can help you. If you click the photo of the vitamins or herbs you can order through Amazon and they should be able to ship them to you. I do not recommend drinking the castor oil that would only help you use the bathroom more lol. I used it with a heating pad as I talked about in the blog. Let me know if you need anymore help.


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