What’s the real tea about Fibroids

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What’s the real tea about Fibroids?

We women are built ford tough I tell ya! Although there are many obstacles that may rise against us we always seem to find the strength to overcome, and having a baby is no different.  There are so many factors that contribute to a woman’s body being able to conceive and carry a child. Yet there are so many health conditions that may hinder our abilities to do so naturally. Our uterus is one of the most important organs when it comes to having a child. I mean it is the space where the child lives for their 9 months so it has to be healthy in order for us to carry them full term. So what do you do when you have a fibroid before you have had the pleasure of having children?

I found out I had Fibroids at the age of 23, when I conceived my son. I had previously had a ectopic pregnancy, but it was never linked to the Fibroids at that time.I had break through bleeding. and sometimes uncomfortable sex. It was never “Too Bad”, so I did not take it seriously…BIG MISTAKE.

A fibroid survivor-Paris Patton

Living with Fibroids…….

As I watched my weekly dose of reality TV lol I couldn’t help but to empathize for the cast mate on LHH Miami who opened up about her life threatening experience with fibroids. I could see the fear in her face as she shed tears while opening up to the world about something so personal. The episode resonated with me because she was young, never had children but wanted them one day but her fibroids were jeopardizing her dreams. I watched as she fearfully made the decision to have surgery to remove the fibroids that had grown to the size of a grapefruit in her abdomen to save her life. I was in awe after hearing this story and I needed more information on fibroids and their effect on other women.

I was fortunate to hear some personal stories from my mother in law and other women who had fibroids and were able to overcome their struggles. Each of them had different experiences and treatments that helped them. Some had surgeries to remove the fibroids and some had to even have a hysterectomy. If a fibroid can be this detrimental to women’s reproductive health why don’t we know more about the issue? How would I know if I was suffering from fibroids?

What you need to know about Fibroids?

Fibroids are malignant tumors that grow on the uterus. They are triggered by hormonal imbalances and can grow or shrink during pregnancy due to the fluctuation of women’s hormones. Women of childbearing ages are more likely to develop fibroids and they can lead to infertility and miscarriage if not treated. Fibroids are the most common type of non-cancerous tumors in women ages 20-35 and tend to affect African American women at a much higher rate than any other race. So how do you know if you are suffering from fibroids?

Many women like Paris deal with fibroids and have to make the difficult decision of having surgery to remove them in order to be able to have a child naturally. Luckily for Paris she was able to conceive a child after her ectopic pregnancy and her fibroids did not grow during pregnancy but actually shrank. Everyone’s body is different so I encourage you to see your OBGYN if you feel you may have fibroids. These strong women’s stories give us hope that it is possible to live with fibroids and to have a child one day if you dream.  I researched and found some known vitamins and herbs that have been proven to help reduce the size of fibroids and/or reduce the pain associated with them below.  Feel free to check them out and if you have already tried them I would love to know your experiences below?

Chasteberry Vitex: I actually took myself to help regulate my period (check out blog) can help with balancing female hormones specifically progestogen and estrogen. Aids in reducing menstrual bleeding and shrinking fibroids.

Red Clover: Herb that contains estrogen like compounds that help balance estrogen levels in women.

Fertility Massage/Castor Oil Pack: A self massage can be performed with a castor oil pack to aid in relieving cramping and pelvic pain.

What is your experience with fibroids and what did you find helpful for treatment?

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  1. I had a hysterectomy. Problem solved.


  2. Nice post. Well what can I say is that these is an interesting and very informative topic on stomach bloating women’s health


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