How to get the big “O”: Ovulation?

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So you’re actively trying to get pregnant but how do you know if all the vitamins and supplements are working properly? Why are you still not getting pregnant? Great question! When you are TTC it is very important to get to know your cycle. I talked about the importance of a regular cycle in my previous blog Period. There are certain signs and symptoms that our body gives us that will indicate ovulation is happening. If you are anything like me you don’t pay attention to every little pain or ache in your abdomen or look at your underwear for cervical mucous. I see the little white stain in the middle of my panties but what does that really mean? Being aware of these key signs are essential to conceiving and figuring out if your body is actually reacting to all the fertility treatments you have been trying. So here are a couple tips that will ensure you successfully track your period and have sex at prime time of ovulation.

1.Ovulation Tracking App:

Download an easy to use period tracking app on your phone right now. You need it because it will not only predict your next period but it will also predict your ovulation days and give you the days you are most fertile. Boom! How much easier can it get. The older days of writing your period days on a calendar are over! lol Plus its like an automatic reminder to have sex this day. I used one from the apple app store but you should check out Mira it can predict ovulation at 99% accuracy while also tracking your period. This ovulation tool is easy to use and can be connected to your mobile phone.

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2. Basal Body Temperature (BBT):

Thermometer to track BBT

Tracking your BBT throughout your cycle is also a good way to find out if your ovulating. Try keeping a log, which can be digital so you can see the graph at the end of the month. Its best to take your BBT right when you wake up. I kept my thermometer on my nightstand each night so I would literally roll over and check my BBT each morning before I brushed my teeth. This helped me make sure I would not forget for the day. Try to find a good period tracking app that has the feature to track your BBT as well.

3. Monitor your cervical Fluid:

Ovulation Cervical Mucous

The cervical fluid that you see on your panties has much more importance than you may realize. Our bodies naturally prepare to conceive and your cervical mucous changes and adapts to help sperm swim to your egg inside your body. Your mucous will become very wet and stretchy similar to an egg white during ovulation. After ovulation it will become tacky and sticky which prevents sperm from reaching your egg.

Have you tried monitoring any of these signs and symptoms to help you conceive? If so what are your takeaways and what should other women do for optimal success?

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