DIY Natural Masks for Clearer skin

Ladies can you keep your face beat without makeup? #skingoals We all are trying to achieve that smooth make up free skin we once had in our youth. Some of us have struggled with acne since puberty but as we get older our skin changes. Do not worry clear skin is achievable it just takes some good products and consistency. It is important to find out your skin type before purchasing or creating your own mask. Find out what your skin needs specifically. My skin was very dry and dull. I wanted to achieve a natural glow while safely moisturizing without clogging my pores.

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Winter time tends to bring dryness to my skin. A good facial mask is very important toI knew my problem with my skin was dullness and dryness. So I found some masks that correct those issues and that is 100% natural. My friend and I decided to have a in home spa day and try out some masks together that we made from scratch while drinking right!

My current routine consists:

Check out these natural masks that I made at home from supplies out of the kitchen. These masks are all natural and have amazing benefits for your skin. Watch as my friend and I create these masks and use them:

Sweet exfoliator: I used brown sugar, coconut oil. Brown sugar is a natural exfoliator and coconut oil moisturizes the skin. While applying it was a sticky and could get messy but afterwards my skin was noticeably smoother.

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Keep it bright & tight: Brighten and tighten masks I used one egg white and ground tumeric and lemon juice. Tumeric reduces inflammation and lemon brightens the skin the egg white tightens the skin by adding collagen. This mask was cool to the feel and gooey when applied once it dried you could feel the tightness in your skin. After removing you could see the natural glowing effect instantly.

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Looking for affordable natural skin care products?

Follow on IG: Mocha.BNaturals who was also a vendor at my Holistic Health Summit. She offers some amazing all natural home made facial products. I am currently using her Activated face wash and Toner. Both are working so well for my skin and really clearing up my dark spots and eliminating breakouts.

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