Holistic Health Summit

Did you miss A Natural Journey to Love’s first Holistic Health Summit? There were amazing vendors, a beautiful spoken work performance and an intriguing discussion about holistic health. Over 50 wonderful guest came together to help me celebrate my one year anniversary of blogging. I wanted to give back to the community in a way that was true to my blog so what better way to do so then to host a Holistic Health Summit. I was able to provide guests with not only an unforgettable experience, but the ability to meet and shop with many local entrepreneurs who create and sell natural products. I selected vendors who sold natural health related products or services as well as panelist who were experienced in natural, holistic health and western medical practices. I wanted my guests to be people who wanted to learn more about how to begin implementing holistic health practices in their lives. The event was a huge success. Here are some takeaways I want you to know in case you were not there:

Positive energy filled the room

As I welcomed guest into the event I could not help but feel the positive energy that overflowed the room. Many of my friends and family members came out to support my event. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how many new faces I saw that day. I thank them for their support mostly and appreciate them for choosing my event to attend. All the guests were very friendly, nice, and eager to learn more about holistic health. Many of them asked questions during the panel discussion and shopped with the vendors for hours. I watched them engage with vendors and panelist learning more about their products and gaining knowledge on holistic health. The feedback I received after the event was so positive and encouraging. Many guests told me they learned something new, loved the panelist, spent all their money lol and asked when the next event I would be planning was.

Panelist shared prized information

I selected three wonderful panelist who had a range of expertise in the fields of medicine, holistic health, mental health and natural health. The discussion was rich with the panel and the audience asked many great questions. Many times the audience kept the panelist on their toes with thoughtful questions and comments that engaged everyone. The panelist were able to answer all questions from the audience during the discussion because of their expertise in their fields of study. The panelist taught the guests so much valuable information. I saw many guests taking videos or jotting down notes in a personal pad to keep the information for their own records. After the discussion, many guests complimented the panelist and were impressed with their knowledge and performance on the panel.

Panelist: Shali Caver LPC, Kila B. John MS, Tinika Tolbert
Panel Moderator: Tabitha Jennings MBA

Shopping & Socialization with Vendors

I had an overwhelming amount of vendors contact me to set up tables at the event. Due to space, I actually had to decline some, which was a great problem to have. At times, I was selling vendor tables more than tickets lol. People were kind of last minute but that is ok. I choose 11 of the best vendors in Cleveland to feature at my event. They all were so professional, personable and knowledgeable towards the guests and myself. I want to thank my vendors for making my event even better from the variety of products, services and programs they offered to the samples each one provided for my gift bags for all guests. Lucky for me my husband was able to shop during the event and brought me something from each table.

Good Hair Good Body LLC

Here is a list of the vendors from my event as well as their website or contact information:

IG: Mochab.naturals. Email: mocha.bnaturals@gmail.com

IG: miasmiraclebodybutter Email: miasmiraclebodybutter@gmail.com

I am looking to bring a Holistic Health Summit to a city near you. Contact me if you are interested in participating as a vendor, panelist, partner or sponsor for 2020. I look forward to hosting more events such as this in the future.

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