2019 Life Lessons for 2020 Blessings

I saw a meme on IG that summed up my year: “2019 basically said But did you die though?”. Lol I laughed so hard at that meme because that is exactly how I felt. I had one whirlwind of a year but I survived it. During this year I have cried many tears, I have felt defeated and depressed but thank god for my support system. My husband, family and friends have been there for me through it all. I do not know where I would be without them. They put up with my crazy. overbearing and bossy self! Although this year had a lot of heartbreak it also brought me many joyful experiences. I know 2019 is setting me up for an epic 2020.

  • January 2019: My husband had an accident at work which caused him to require knee surgery. This knee surgery took him 6 months to recover from. During this time I did my best to sustain the household by caring for our toddler and working full time.
  • June 2019: My professional work environment became unhealthy. Due to poor leadership and turnover in my service area work became very stressful and toxic.
  • July 2019: Although Hurricane Barry ruined my New Orleans trip for my family reunion my cousins and I traveled to North Carolina for a mini vacay. Late July I began my acting career shooting an independent film “A Ball & A Dream” coming 2020. I never acted a day in my life but had been saying it was something I would be interested in pursuing. Check it out here
  • August 2019: After struggling silently for months I was diagnosed with anxiety. I began seeing a counselor and taking rest days to treat.
  • September 2019: My husband and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary by going on our first cruise to the Bahamas with family and friends. Hurricane Dorian almost ruined everything but by the grace of god Nassau was not affected by the storm.
Famous Atlantis Chair in Nassau Bahamas
  • October 2019: I lost my father to congestive heart failure. He had been fighting this battle for years but early October he was advised to do hospice and died on October 23rd.
  • November 2019: On November 1st I buried my father and November 18th I tried to celebrate my 28th birthday in good spirits. Although I did not have time to plan anything extravagant I was able to enjoy dinner and a night out with my husband. Then on November 21st I was able to celebrate a major accomplishment of my husband being inducted into the sports hall of fame at our high school we both attended.
  • December 2019: I hosted my first event for my blog anniversary. I called it a Holistic Health Summit. This idea I created and brought to life on my own turned out to be very successful.

Life is a roller coaster and just as fast as you dive downhill, your blessing is around the corner to lift you back up.

What Did 2019 Teach Me?

Live for the moment. Try to enjoy all of your experiences in life whether good or bad. Enjoy the presence of your loved ones and cherish those times and moments while you can. The memories that you make in life will never fade away.

Take care of yourself. Not only physically but mentally. Take time to self reflect and get to know how you are really feeling. I choose to journal my feelings this helps me concentrate and focus on my inner thoughts.

Keep moving forward. No matter how hard it gets do not give up. Life is a roller coaster and just as fast as you dive down hill, your blessing is around the corner to lift you back up. I wanted so badly to cancel my holistic health summit event when my father passed a month prior but I did not. I knew he would have been there front row physically if he was alive and that motivated me to keep going.

Check Out @Self.Remedy on IG for some advice and tips on mental health

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