A 3 Day Juice Cleanse Is Easier Than You Think

I know you think I’m crazy right. Yes yo girl did a 3 day juice detox cleanse! I really did it and I am so proud of myself. For one I never thought I could go 1 whole day without eating actual meals let alone 3. This was definitely something new for me because I never juiced before. But if I can do it I swear anyone can do it.

I ended February on a low emotionally and physically so I felt I wanted to make some changes. I had been working out for a whole month and could not lose one pound. Literally doing 30 minutes of exercise daily dedicated not missing more than maybe two days for the whole month and I stayed the same weight. How Sway?? Although I was working out daily I had not been eating very healthy. Between the carbs and my sweet tooth I had a few more cheat meals than I should have.

“The green juice was so delicious that in my mind I’m like oh this is gonna be easy”

Juicing sparked my interest because I follow this girl named @HerbalCiddy on IG and she had been posting about juicing for the last couple weeks and her body is goals okay! She also sells natural products and was a vendor at my Holistic Health Summit. Summer is coming and I am trying to be bikini and sundress ready so I decided to get mentally prepared for the upcoming 3 days. During my detox I only drank homemade juices, ate fresh fruit and raw nuts with each meal. Oh and no I do not have an expensive ass juicer by the way. I thought about it but the prices said Hell No! My Vitamix and a strainer worked perfectly fine.

Day 1: I decided to make an easy green juice from a recipe I found on google. The green juice was so delicious that in my mind I’m like oh this is gonna be easy. I went to the gym in the morning had a great work out and intermittent fasted only drinking water and tea until noon. I drank my green juice and ate a cup of fruit for lunch which satisfied my hunger for a little while. A couple times through the day I felt hunger pains like where my stomach felt completely empty but when I drank water it went away for a while. I drank so much water that I had to pee every couple hours and it was long pees this carried over to bedtime unfortunately.

Day 2: I am in no way a morning person but I woke up at 6 am with tons of energy. I was very surprised because the energy lasted the whole day. I just knew I was gonna crash and I did not. I worked out again and went to work feeling refreshed. Now this day was probably the worst when it came to really wanting to eat. Luckily the raw nuts came in for the rescue and I smashed them like they were french fries lol. The nuts and fruits helped get me through this day plus I was down 3 whole pounds y’all. I made a carrot turmeric juice that was not my fave but it was tolerable for one day.

Day 3: I woke up at 6 am not tired or sluggish again but I started to wonder if the urges to pee every 5 minutes had anything to do with that. Either way I made sure to stay hydrated with water which kept me from getting hunger headaches the whole time. Oh yeah and I was 4 more lbs lighter. By now I have a routine with eating my juice, fruits and raw nuts. But any smell of food makes my mouth water even seeing food on my phone is hard at this point. I am so close to the finish line that I had to stay strong.

Overall not too bad right. LOL no really I love food just like everyone else but this juice cleanse was a mental test of my strength. I stayed dedicated for three days and the results are I felt less bloated in my stomach, it helped me get over the weight-loss hump, I had more energy and my mood was better. I lost a total of 8 lbs from the 3 day juice cleanse and I actually hope to continue juicing more.

Results from 3 Day Juicing

Have you tried a detox or juicing before?

What was your experience?

Did you get headaches or body chills?

Do you have any good juice recipes I should try?

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